exposure and physical damage. Architectural foam shapes for exterior stucco coated trims. I can't vouch for this as I haven't tried it myself. Subscribe now Has a rough stone feel when dry. Thank you so much for providing the Hot Wire Foam Factory tools for me to carve...", "Hi David! You can apply subsequent layers as soon as it sets up, usually in 1-2 hours, but applying this soon will increase the overall drying time. If you read about the foa… Home / Exterior Foam Coat 50lb. Rock hard finish for all of your outdoor (and indoor) foam … Use when temperatures are between 40°F (4°C) and 100°F (38°C). in exterior or interior applications. - Application Instructor A top-coat of an exterior latex paint is applied over the aggregate. It is a densifier which prevents water from passing through after the chemical conversion. This limited warranty is issued and accepted in lieu of all other express warranties and expressly excludes liability for consequential damages. The first step in creating an EIFS exterior is to glue a layer of EPS foam directly onto the sheathing of a house or commercial building. shapes, and insulated concrete form systems. to get updates on products, offers and all things Ive heard about Latex paint being used as a barrier for fiberglassing foam board. StyroTrim offers the highest quality, most cost-effective Stucco and cement-coated foam treatments for interior and exterior residential and commercial structures. Probably because they are waterproof. Rock hard coating for all your outdoor (and indoor) foam projects. Varathane 1 gal. Keep out of reach of children. Pancake batter thickness seems to work well in our hopper gun. Stainfast does not have NSF approval because it is not a coating. Click here for Exterior Foam Coat Mixing Details and User Tips It has a rough stone feel when dry. It leaves a hard, glossy, smooth shell … FINISHING: Remove dust before painting or staining. Rock hard coating for all your outdoor (and indoor) foam projects. Styrofoam, on its own, breaks easily and is difficult to paint. You can create a lot of your detail in the foam coat as it dries. When I left some high ridges or spikes where the adhesion properties made it create a high draw point when lifting the application tool. 1 Day 750 psi The coating protects the rigid foam insulation board or ICF from U.V. And NO I do not work for this company. For a comparison of Foam Coats, click here, Apply with paintbrush, trowel or hopper gun, Many decorative surface textures can be created, Add Boost fortifier if extra strength is desired. Get more details, How much do you need? … 1/16” thick 9 sq ft Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit. Extend the drying time by adding up to 50% latex paint with your water before mixing into the dry foam coat. Coating Styrofoam, white beaded EPS, and extruded XPS foam, Adding strength, texture and a weather and fire-resistant surface, Theatrical and studio props and backdrops, Holiday props, like Halloween tombstones and yard props, Garden décor, like fake boulders and waterfalls. HW-026. 1219-81 - gray, 1219-82 - white)is a polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced Portland cement based rigid coating for use over rigid insulation panels, foam shapes, and insulated … A drier mix is stronger. offers and all things QUIKRETE®! Flammability: Noncombustible and not explosive. It can be … Multiple coats may be applied. It is not sandable. Is clearly stated in their own product descrption. For painting, follow the same instructions as for the All Purpose, but it will be quite a bit longer, probably 6-12 hours. Superior workability. Coated Styrofoam is also likely to last longer than non-coated Styrofoam. But I will be buying stock if it is available! Exterior Foam Coat. Information; Reviews (0) Availability: In stock (28) Brand New! They are not available in Wichita Falls, Texas that I could find. We'll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. Extended board life. Add water to powder and mix until Foam Coat turns to a smooth paste. It was very difficult to remove when dried. MIXING: Settling may occur in shipping causing a gritty texture that does not stick well. Extended … This stuff is super tough. Can also be applied with a hopper gun. Some provide a flexible coating, some are hard, some are freeze-proof for outdoor use. "This product goes on rough and is not sandable. Available in: If you add Boost, don’t leave any residue as it will be impossible to clean after it dries. FoamCoat is a non-toxic, water-based coating for styrofoam and polystyrene foam, as well as other surfaces. http://gallery.hotwirefoamfactory.com/gallery/habitats/, The Exterior Foam Coat is made to hold up in all weather conditions. on QUIKRETE® products. It does not come off with any known solvents and doesn't easily chip off. Most exterior foam boards come with some kind of built-in protection. If you want a product that will give you a stable long lasting finished project this is what you need. Stucco Boy offers installation of a wide variety of cement-coated foam treatments for your home. CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and brushes with clean soapy water before coating hardens. Hot Wire Foam Factory Exterior Foam Coat, 3 lbs..Rock hard finish for all of your outdoor (and indoor) foam projects. Fill big cracks and holes by applying pasty mixture with a trowel. Use as a protective coating for EPS or polyurethane foam… Let us know if you have any further questions. QUIKRETE Foam Coating can be used above or below grade This exterior foam coat is awesome. I build Vivarium Hardscapes and use this product to provide a rock like feel and appearance, it also provides much needed strength. Use 1 part cool water per 3 parts of powder (for example, 1 cup of water per 3 cups of powder). Exterior Foam Coat (3 lbs) Exterior Foam Coat (3 lbs) SKU. See how easy it is to put a hard coating on lightweight foam boulders for your landscape. FREE SHIPPING within the USA via USPS Priority Mail. It is not sandable. You may add more water until mixture is thin enough to apply with a paint brush, although thinning weakens coating. Exterior Foam Coat is not sandable. Comes in a dry powder - simply mix with water. People who have been using the two part expanding polyurethane foams like Great Stuff can't get our coatings to stick. The coating also helps control moisture. New improved formula! Remove or break up any clumps. There are three main options for coating Styrofoam, … Can be applied with a standard spray hopper. You can add powdered or water base cement pigments while mixing in the wet ingredients. Not 1 dent, scrape, or puncture anywhere. Our product is similar, though stronger and stays adhered to foam much better than stucco, but will react the same to extreme weather conditions. Developed for Disney, EPSILON™ is a thixotropic epoxy coating that self thickens for brushing onto a variety of surfaces without sagging.Epsilon™ PRO offers a longer working time and cured epoxy is semi-rigid, offering better impact resistance. Note that if you apply either foam coat with a hopper gun you can keep applying thin layer after thin layer until it starts slumping (see the video on our YouTube Channel: Exterior Foam Coat Applied With Hopper Gun. var year = currentTime.getFullYear() These architectural accents are specially … - Concrete Slabs It provides a hard, durable finish that resists chipping and cracking, yet can be sanded … I...", "My Daughter in Law asked specially for your products for Christmas. Just get the mix to a pancake batter consistency and you should be fine. 1219-81 - gray, 1219-82 - white) is a polymer-modified, I've been using them for many years. Extended working time of 1.5 - 3 hours. This specially formulated, cement-like coating adheres to polystyrene foams, protecting and enhancing your projects. Do not over mix.