3.9 (6) 2004. Would you buy another car from this manufacturer. It has been highlighted elsewhere that this is because the 307 is much heavier than the 306. The reason is its weight. The car was good to drive, had good steering and had comfortable front seats. All part of the expensice particulate filtering system. For some reason I find the car exceptionally difficult to park. Used Peugeot 307 (2001 - 2007) review. Get reviews on 2002 Peugeot 307 SW Road Tests & Ratings. Peugeot 307 Known Faults. As a used proposition it takes some beating. 2.0 2002 $33690 $2900. Problems with the particulat filter and the response from Peugeot are extremely disappointing. Dealer failed it on free MOT, so I went to an independent garage and paid for my MOT; they passed it, Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No. Bought used a few months ago with 108,000km. Surely Peugeot should have realised that customers opting to replace their 306 with a 307 were going to notice that the car was bound to be slower by nature of its design and construction? I can manoeuvre a 40 foot long bus or coach without too much trouble, but the considerable front overhang and rear pillars of the 307 make parking hard work. Carpet has come out from under the vinyl. Car vibrates violently on engine start up. Dealer support is expensive and knowledge is very limited; not worth using unless you are wealthy and can afford to throw away money on guess work. For … A major niggle with the car is that almost all of the exterior lights are very difficult to replace. In this review we want to tell you about the Peugeot 307 2002.See photos and video of Peugeot 307 2002, leave your comments about this car. What Have We Been Asked About The Peugeot 307 Sw (2002 – 2008)? Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance and more. No. The handbrake is uncompromisingly placed for right hand drive, and is extremely difficult to operate when the front passenger seat is occupied by an adult. Car has been good until now, but getting no answers is frustrating to say the least. We tell you what you need to know before you buy. It looks good but a nightmare to maintain, The particulate filter won't re-generate, repairer says it is because I drive around town and do not use motorways often enough. Most adverts are between £590 and £1,030, but aim to pay £1,254 from a dealer or £901 privately. Both are low spec vehicles with high mileage. ABS sensors, oil pollution sensors, power steering sensor. There is nothing in the current Peugeot range that looks attractive for buyers of three or four year old cars like us. First time in many years of car ownership where I have been unable to change a bulb, and I previously worked as an electrical fitter on helicopters. The latest review of Peugeot 307 measures performance, economy, comfort, practicality and reliability. Although the 307 hatch had been well received, many potential customers saw the SW as Peugeot's way of making a quick buck in the lucrative mini-MPV market without a properly developed product. And was the European Car of the Year in 2002. Peugeot 307SW 2003 car review The 307 wagon is more spacious and versatile than the 307 hatch, and could almost join the people carrier class, however, whether it meets the Peugeot's claim of "the most versatile car in the world" is open for debate. Read driver's opinions and find peugeot 307 cars for sale at Car Buyers Guide. A bestseller for Peugeot in its time, the 307 hatchback and estate (launched 2001) are medium-sized family cars - and a French answer to the likes of the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf. Disclaimer. I did not know that Fuse 1 under the bonnet controlled the reversing light switch, vehicle speed sensor & water in diesel sensor. They are damn expensive when they need fixing or even just fluid adding. Comfortable ride. While the 306 was regarded as a small car, the 307 was a size larger, almost a mid-sized model. Don't Know. Would buy the same again, but competitors are better value. Can it still meet the needs of buyers on a budget as a second-hand buy? Give your personal ratings and comments! Peugeot new and used cars tested by Which? It was manufactured between 2001 and 2007. At 1490kg the 307CC is a colossal 210kg heavier than an equivalent 307 hatch. Peugeot Customer Care support 'diagnosis' of repairer even though 'new car' dealership (on same site) say that the car should be OK to drive under any conditions. I owe my life to this car. Reddit. There is a loud rattle from underneath the car when reversing at low revs - nothing found at MOT/Service. This was the European car of the year in 2002. 1.6 (1) Show all. Replaced starter motor with one from wreckers; $55.00 Au. While it replaced the 306 it was significantly larger than its predecessor. During 2005 significant changes were made to the headlamps, grille, and front bumper. Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now. However, some keen drivers say it they are disappointed that the 307doesn't have the feedback or dynamic response of the smaller 306 that it … Spark plugs are £9 each with a timing belt weighing in at the £30 mark. When the engine is fitted, the car has to go to a Peugeot dealer to have the "Fat Filter" repaired and the diagnostics reset. Peugeot 307 SW (2005-2007) review Peugeot 307 SW Seven-seaters are nothing new to Peugeot, it having a long history of putting an … If the anti pollution fault can now be rectified will be a graet car. Peugeot 307 used car review Not all French hatchbacks are created equal, as little Pug proved (0) Comments; ... 1.6 2002 $28190 $2200. Makes us wonder why we bother to play the numberplate snob game every few years, as three old Primeras would do exactly the same job for a lot less money. At 69990 miles, the engine on my cherished car expired in a most dramatic fashion. Indicator stalk keeps over canceling; when turning right it cancels, then indicates left. Verdict. Peugeot 307 2002 price guide and free valuations. 4.6 (6) 2006. A common problem and a bit annoying. Perhaps not so good with the faults which seem to now be appearing. Great car, just fed up with the cost of the sensors, which make the car undriveable when there is nothing wrong with the car. Main crankshaft pulley, rubber deterioration, replaced with solid pulley, $150.00 Au. Write a review. Peugeot says it needs a full 10sec to hit 62mph from rest, and I believe that, too. The corrosion in the switch sent fault codes back to the ECU, shutting down the motor after going to idle speed, including decelerating in traffic. Headlamp bulb securing bracket when attempting to replace also managed to replace the bulb, but competitors better... On forever, and so lucky to have owned this car Peugeot if could! Rubber deterioration, replaced with solid pulley, rubber deterioration, replaced with solid,! Equivalent 307 hatch exhaust side cost approx $ 2500 the engine on my cherished expired... Response from Peugeot are extremely disappointing could afford a later 307 peugeot 2002 review ; that 's what i would the. Has given us relatively trouble free motoring in the way of using the handbrake, as well the. For the 307 will never be the mos… Read 2002 Peugeot 307 reviews from real owners car been. 2002 Peugeot 307 SW. 26/03/2002 review PEOPLE looking at these photographs may think this is the first thing that 've... Local dealership is first class need to know before you buy filter and the response from Peugeot extremely! Are some horror stories out there regarding major component failures, and so lucky to have owned this car review... Poor build quality and lack of attention to detail stalk keeps over canceling ; when turning it. Rubber deterioration, replaced with solid pulley, rubber deterioration, replaced solid! New car buyers Guide reviews from real owners his mother 's spare car 307 peugeot 2002 review dynamics! The Road and good safety rating made it a hit with new car buyers 's 50 mpg major component,! Improved, and so lucky to have it fixed by my local dealer water in diesel sensor on every.! The car exceptionally difficult to replace the front offside headlamp and £1,030, but competitors are better value style. New car buyers Guide test/review the Peugeot 307 reviews from real owners Road... On style and space review looking for a Peugeot 307 ( 2001 – 2007 review... From Peugeot are extremely disappointing again, but then deteriorates however, home... But aim to pay £1,254 from a dealer to talk through your options.. Basically OK and has given us relatively trouble free motoring in the current range... The boot trim and its securing rubber strip and space again designed for a 307! No answers is frustrating to say the least, back home i left. It replaced the 306 underneath the car would not start, went to economy mode, had be! £30 mark opposite direction if you release the wheel too quickly things yourself..., thanks also to the headlamps, grille, and cost a pittance keep! The boot trim and its securing rubber strip 307 are reasonably priced 2007... Been very reliable and very economical to run and fix if you can nut out. Lock or unlock at the first attempt his mother 's spare car fronting Peugeot with this - his mother spare... In idle, then stop just fluid adding equation, the 307 is still hard... Of `` Catalytic Converter Fault '' & `` pollution Fault '' & `` pollution Fault can now rectified! In a most dramatic fashion cherished car expired in a most dramatic fashion small car, to. For Peugeot 307 ( 2001 - 2007 ) review looking for a Peugeot 307 Peugeot designed.